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World of “EXTRAWURST”!

“German fairy tales and castles, German cars and engineering, German philosophers and musicians, German Bier and – last not least – German Bratwurst!“ this is, what people from all walks of life and all around the world tell us, when talking about our homeland. It is true, we do find all of these friendly clichés alive, well represented and promoted in various forms on all continents – all, but a decent German Bratwurst…

Reason enough to pair our dedication for the original German Bratwurst, our intimate expert knowledge about its production and the vast potential of our well established “Extrawurst”-food franchise with your business, your expansion targets and your passion for excellent economics. As Master Franchisee expect…


…the expected:

– exclusive country licenses
– expert training from the experts – from initial training to on-the-job-training
– ongoing corporate support, consultation and field-assistance: on-call, online, on-site
– various forms of social media for community building
– marketing support
– site and equipment selection assistance and construction advisement
– approved unit lay-out with efficient work-flow and inviting design
– complete and precise operations manuals
– as an approved unique German Concept, we do it the only way we know:

“Systematic! Precise! Efficient! Reliable!”

…the unexpected:

– over 35 years German brand- and franchise-experience (est. 1981)
– original authentic German Food, based on various forms of Bratwurst (grilled sausage), Frikadelle (grilled meatball), Schnitzel (crumbed steak), Frankfurter (cooked sausage) – and other menu items, that can`t be found elsewhere
–  traditional, confidential recipes from the ancestors of Managing Partner Ralf Bittner, “German butcher know-how since 1921!” – we have it all, and we have it all “on board”
– Food “Made in Germany” or “Original German Recipe”
– thus: we know how to modify Extrawurst recipes to meet cultural, sociological and economic differences all around the world
– approved solutions for high street, shopping malls, retail, public/tourist hot-spots etc.
– highly adaptive, combined stationary and mobile POS-concept: various macro-/midi-/micro-units
– our mouthwatering taste – your mouthwatering economics:

“Your success – Made in Germany!“


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