Was esse ich heute?
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Kim Konstantin & Lothar Hagebaum
Kim Konstantin & Lothar Hagebaum CEO & founder

honestly. tasty.

How is the saying? “Honesty is the best policy”. And that is reflected not only in our currywurst. At Extrawurst you note that everything is spiced with a big dose of honesty. Our fries, our meatballs, our giant Krakow sausage and our ways. Our way of producing sausages, how we prepare our menus – and, of course, the way we act around you. Although “act” actually doesn’t sound very honest. Nope. We don’t act around you, we dish up. Only those dishes that we’d gobble up ourselves. Simply good stuff – and this brings us to our second keyword: tasty.

No matter what you order at Extrawurst, you can always be sure that the key ingredient is never missing: good taste. Not to be confused with swank. Because at our locals you’ll find neither button-up designer aprons nor those meager portions that won’t fill up anybody. No. Extrawurst is different: Hearty. Abundant. Authentic.

Or just: honestly. tasty.

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Was esse ich heute

Question 1

Are you a doer who puts his heart and soul into it instead of being lazy?

Was esse ich heute

Question 2

Are you a man with guts in his bones?

Was esse ich heute

Question 3

No curry on the spice shelf is a “wurst case scenario” for you?

Was esse ich heute

Question 4

Could you take a double right now?

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